HVLS Fan Manufacturer in Assam

HVLS Fan in Assam
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Color : Black
Blades : 5
Brand : Austar
Power Type : AC
Material : Aluminum
Size : 24ft Dia
Country of Origin : Made in India

HVLS Fan Supplier in Assam

AUSTAR AS series Fan are Geared Type HVLS Fans driven by German make Geared Motors, with five Aero Blades and Single piece die casted Hub. Are controlled through Variable Frequency Drive for Reverse / Forward and speed adjustment features. Complies to international safety standards. Available in Standard Matt Black color and customized color options.

Key Component Specifications

Control : Operated through KeyPad having easy and long life keys for Start / Stop, Reverse / Forward and Speed increase / decrease. Cable connection are through plug and play type for easy installation, maintenance and trouble free long lasting operation.

Models are CE certified by third party agency ‘TUV Nord’

Why Choose Austar HVLS Fan

  • Suitable for workshops or buildings more than 2500 square feet and with a roof height greater than 18 feet.
  • Air distribution uniformity
  • Breeze Air [A Gentle Wind] Air Quality
  • Irritation is reduced. Increased exposure time. (Workers can comfortably work for 10-12 hours)
  • The human body feels four to five degrees cooler. It is known as the wind chill effect. "The air 'feels' colder than it is because of the chilling effect of the wind on the skin."
  • Power usage has been reduced. (30% to 70%)
  • Capital cost savings on ventilation equipment
  • Aesthetic enhancements

Application of HVLS Fans