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Geared HVLS Fan

Austar's GEARED HVLS Fans are precision-engineered marvels, optimizing air circulation in large spaces with quiet, energy-efficient performance. Ideal for commercial and industrial settings, these fans offer superior comfort.

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Gearless HVLS Fan

Austar's GEARLESS HVLS Fan is a pinnacle of innovation, featuring a maintenance-free design that provides powerful and silent air circulation in large spaces, perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

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HVLS Fans consume very low energy compared to Conventional Fans. It reduces the energy consumption to a drastic level. HVLS Fans ideal for larger facilities.


Can you imagine the noise of over 30 fans or vantilators or exhaust fans running in one facility? HVLS Fans operate at a very low noise and keeps it quiet.


For the area of 15000 square feet, the overall (fix operative) cost of One HVLS Fan is 50% less then the cost of 100 conventional fans if we consider the period of 15 months.


this is specially beneficial in large open or closed spaces where conventional fans are not effective and air conditioning systems are expensive and not affordable


Built from robust materials, HVLS fans endure industrial conditions, ensuring long-term investment with reduced maintenance expenses.


HVLS fans can be customized to meet the specific needs of each facility. This includes factors such as size, speed, and blade design.

Award Winning
HVLS Fan Manufacturers

AUSTAR started its HVLS Fans manufacturing business in 2017 with more than 15 years of engineering product development and business management experience

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Who We Are

Austar Technologies is considered to be a reputed manufacturer and supplier of High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans from Ahmedabad Gujarat India.

Austar Technologies entered into manufacturing HVLS fans in the year 2017 after two years of designs development and testing of various sizes and options. Austar Technologies have a dedicated manufacturing facility for HVLS Fans of 20000 Square Feet Area and have a manufacturing capacity of 300 Fans per month.

What We Do

  • Austar Technologies have the manufacturing facility of 20000 square feet. We have manufacturing capacity of 300 fans per month.
  • We have gained the trust of people across the India by manufacturing premium quality HVLS fans at affordable rates.
  • We have more than 4500 installations across India.
  • We are having the Sales / Service Network in Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Banglore, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, and Vapi.
  • We have been exporting to Bangladesh, Gulf Countries, and African Countries.
  • We at Austar Technologies aim to add comfort in lives through cool breeze air and become preferred HVLS fan brand across the globe.
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Advantage of Austar HVLS Fans

  • Running Cost only RS 3.5/ Hrs*
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • No frequent maintenance
  • It has Long Life. Good ROI
  • Freedom from flying insects
  • It is Noiseless
  • Uniform air flow
  • Reduced dust accumulation
  • Reduces the temperature
  • Reduced HVAC Costs

Why Choose Us

  • International Quality at affordable cost.
  • Being HVLS Fan a Key business for the company, dedicated support availability for life time.
  • Well established sales / service network.
  • All components are manufactured to international Quality, at par with imported Fans.
  • All models are CE Certified.
  • Management’s direct involvement in day to day manufacturing and after sales operations ensures Quality products and prompt after sales back up.

How We Work

We understand the purpose and application in detail.

We collect site data in terms of dimensions, floor layout and Hanging arrangements. We have a standard inquiry data drawing which is easy to understand by customers, site engineers and technical sales team.

We evaluate feasibility to install HVLS Fan. Being HVLS fans a very new technology to Indian industry, sometime client have misconception about HVLS Fans. We understand the application and mounting facilities in detail and evaluate feasibility.

Based on the data, we select right size and right quantity of HVLS Fans and also select a right location for HVLS Fan.

After the selection, we discuss with client in detail about Size, Qty, location, layout and put efforts to reduce Qty of total Fans.

After optimizing finally we submit the Techno commercial offer to client along with GA drawing. Austar works on a specially configured CRM software for submitting accurate information to client.


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