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Why Choose Austar HVLS Fan

  • Suitable for workshops or buildings more than 2500 square feet and with a roof height greater than 18 feet.
  • Air distribution uniformity
  • Breeze Air [A Gentle Wind] Air Quality
  • Irritation is reduced. Increased exposure time. (Workers can comfortably work for 10-12 hours)
  • The human body feels four to five degrees cooler. It is known as the wind chill effect. "The air 'feels' colder than it is because of the chilling effect of the wind on the skin."
  • Power usage has been reduced. (30% to 70%)
  • Capital cost savings on ventilation equipment
  • Aesthetic enhancements

Advantage to Choose Austar HVLS Fan

Parameter HVLS Fans Conventional Ceiling Fans / Wall Mounted Fans
Size 8 feet to 24feet Diameter Maximum up to 3 feet Diameter.
Area Coverage Need Only 1 Fan for 15000 Sq. feet Area Need 100 No of Fans for 15000 Sq. feet Area
Power Consumption 0.1 Watt / Sq. Feet Area 2.5 Watt / Sq. Feet Area
Air Quality High Volume of Air at low Speed Low Volume of Air at High Speed.
Feel Gives Natural Breeze Air feel. Gives Artificial feel.
Person can stay / work for longer hours comfortably. Person gets irritated after certain time
Noise Very Low Higher
maintenance Low High
Capital Cost High Low
Operating cost Low High

ROI Calculation

Before two years, only imported fans were available in the Indian market. It was exceedingly expensive and difficult to purchase. Austar is now serving to India with Made in India HVLS Fans, lowering the cost to an industry low. Let us examine Return on Investment using the Case Study below.

Title here Title here
Area 15000 Square Feet
Working Hours 20 Hours
Working days in a month 25 days
Total working Hours in a Year 20 * 25 * 12 = 6000 hours
No. of Conventional Ceiling Fans required 30 Nos
No. of HVLS Fan required 1 No.
Total Cost of Conventional Fans 8000 x 30 = Rs. 2,40,000
Total Cost of HVLS Fan Rs. 2,40,000/-
Paying Extra Initial cost Rs. 0,00,000/-
Power Consumption of Conventional ceiling Fan 0.300 KWH / Fan [0.300 x 30 = 9 KWH]
Power Consumption of Conventional HVLS Fan 1.5 KWH / Fan= 1.5 KWH
Power Saving per Hour 9 – 1.5 = 7.5 KW
Per Hour power expense saving ( Considering Rs. 7 / Unit ) 7.5 KWH x 7 =Rs. 52.5/-
Per Day Saving (Consider Working 20hrs/Day) 52.5 X 20 = 1050
Per Month Saving (Consider Working 25 days/month) 1050 X 25 = 26250
Per Year Saving 26250 X 12 = 315000

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