Case Study

Before & After Installation HVLS Fan

Client: Warehousing Solutions


Warehousing Solutions, a prominent player in the logistics industry, was faced with the challenge of maintaining a comfortable and efficient environment in their expansive warehouse. In their pursuit of better climate control and energy efficiency, they turned to Austar HVLS Fans for a solution.


The warehouse experienced extreme temperature fluctuations, especially during the hot summer months, leading to discomfort for the employees and potential product damage. Traditional cooling systems proved costly and ineffective, driving up energy bills significantly.


Warehousing Solutions decided to install Austar HVLS Fans throughout their warehouse, strategically positioning them for optimal airflow and cooling. The high airflow and energy-efficient design of these fans made them an ideal solution for addressing the warehouse's climate control and energy consumption issues.


Austar HVLS Fans were installed by a team of professionals, ensuring precise positioning and alignment. The warehouse opted for a combination of fan sizes to maximize air circulation and cover the entire floor area effectively.


The installation of Austar HVLS Fans brought about significant changes:

Before Installation After Installation
Uncomfortable working conditions during hot weather. Consistently comfortable temperatures.
Frequent temperature fluctuations. Drastic reduction in temperature fluctuations.
High energy bills due to continuous use of traditional cooling systems. Substantial energy cost savings due to reduced reliance on traditional cooling.
Reduced employee productivity and morale. Improved employee morale and increased productivity.

Advantages and ROI:

  • Energy Savings: Warehousing Solutions witnessed a substantial reduction in their energy bills. The fans' efficient cooling helped decrease their traditional cooling system usage, resulting in annual savings of 25% on energy costs.
  • Productivity Boost: With a more comfortable work environment, employee productivity and job satisfaction improved, leading to reduced turnover rates and higher efficiency.
  • Temperature Stability: Austar HVLS Fans maintained consistent temperatures within the warehouse, ensuring the safety and integrity of temperature-sensitive products.
  • ROI: The return on investment was achieved within 18 months of the fan installation, thanks to reduced energy expenses and improved productivity.

Warehousing Solutions now boasts a more comfortable and energy-efficient warehouse, thanks to Austar HVLS Fans. The project's success stands as a testament to the fans' ability to provide a sustainable, cost-effective, and comfortable climate control solution for large industrial spaces.